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DLF Cyberpark offers a world-class contemporary structure and a new age work space. Spread across a 12 acre complex, and located on NH8 road, Gurugram, it is only a 9 Km drive from the airport. A combination of form and functionality, this masterpiece complex offers a perfect blend of work & leisure.

  • 2.5 mn sq. ft. development.
  • 3 Distinct inter-connected blocks.
  • Located opposite DLF Cybercity, Hotel Oberoi/Trident.
  • Proposed foot over bridge from IndusInd Cybercity Metro station.
  • Targeting USGBC LEED Platinum Certification.
  • Minimum service footprint towards the facade.
  • Rectangular floor plate & building block design allowing higher space utilization.
  • Flexibility to operate vertically or horizontally for optimum office design.
  • Centralized core.
  • Natural light penetration.
  • Exclusive fine dine restaurants, cafes and leisure space.
  • Efficient movement of business & service traffic through independent access & multiple outlets.
  • Grand atrium with wide lift lobbies.
  • 16 high speed elevators for each block.
  • Dedicated fire lift for each core.
  • 5 fire staircase exit.
  • Dedicated AHU Room for each quadrant.
  • Separate toilet block for each core (Male, Female & Handicapped).
  • Exclusive fine dine restaurants, cafes and leisure space.
  • Expected to be ready for fit out by Q1 2019.
  • Green concepts and techniques in the building can help address national issues like handling of consumer waste, water efficiency, reduction in fossil fuel use in commuting, energy efficiency and conserving natural resources.
  • The developers of DLF CYBER PARK AT GURGAON promote such green building concepts. DLF CYBER PARK is an USGBC LEED CS V2009 certified Green Building.
  • DLF CYBER PARK site is located within walking distance of more than ten basic amenities viz. Bank, Convenience Grocery, Dental Office, Pharmacy, Temple, Park, Laundry, Fire station & Restaurant.
  • DLF CYBER PARK is easily accessible by public transport facilities (Cyber City Bus Stop, Shankar Chowk Bus Stop), located within walking distance of it. Therefore reducing pollution due to use of individual vehicles.
  • In DLF Cyber Park electric charging points have been provided at basement parking. We promote the use of electrical vehicle in our project and reduction in fossil fuel consumption.
  • 50% of the Projects roof and non-roof rainwater has been harvested at site itself. This helps in increasing ground water table.
  • Building roof is provided with high solar reflective index tiles which will be useful in reducing microclimate effect.
  • The project is using low flow water fixtures, which have reduced water demand by 45% compared to water demand of conventional water fixtures.
  • Native and adaptive species have been provided in all landscape areas (100%) which require less amount of water.
  • 100% Landscape water demand is met by the recycled water from Sewage Treatment Plant.
  • Sewage Treatment Plant is installed at project site which treats 100% of waste water generated in the project. This treated water is used in flushing, landscaping and cooling tower makeup.
  • 30% Energy savings are achieved through use of energy efficient HVAC and lighting systems.
  • Solar PV panels are installed which offset approximately 25% of the total building energy cost.
  • All the HVAC equipment and fire extinguisher used in the project are free from Ozone Depleting substances and are using eco-friendly refrigerant and fire extinguishing agent respectively.
  • All common areas are fitted with LED lights. It saves ENERGY.
  • LF Cyber Park is recycling 100% of organic waste generated into manure in Organic Waste Composter (OWC).
  • 100% of construction waste generated in the project has been sold back to recyclers.
  • 20% of total materials used in the project have high recycled content and are regionally available materials. Thus reducing demand of virgin material and pollution through transportation as well as strengthen local economy.
  • 100% Wood used in the project is procured from sustainable forests and is FSC Certified.
  • The HVAC system provided in the project is capable of providing required fresh air for the building occupants, to improve the quality of life.
  • Low VOC content material in the project has been used, which further enhances the quality of life.
  • The project has been designed such that the 75% of the building area has daylight which reduces the demand of electrical lighting.
  • 90% of the occupied area in the project has been provided with view of exterior.

Location Map


Site Layout


Floor Plans

Area Details

The total IT workspace constitutes of 3 blocks
Title Details
Super Built up area 2.5 mn. sq. ft.
No. of Blocks 3

Key Highlights

General & Architecture
Super built up area Approx. 2.5 mn sq.ft.
No. of Blocks Block A and B- Ground +11; Block C- Ground +12
Design Standards Platinum LEED Certified by USGBC Design as per NBC and Local by-laws
Slab thickness 225 mm flat slab with 450 mm capital thickness
Typical / Flooring Load Live load of 400 Kg /
Screed depth on floor 55 mm
Typical column grid 10.8 m X 10.8 M approx
Floor to floor height 4.2 mt.
Floor plate efficiency 80% (Office area to Super Area efficiency)
Passenger elevators and Speed 16 No. high speed lifts in each Block
Service elevators 2 No. in each Block
Technical Specification
Chiller 5x1500 TR including partially standby, water cooled centrifugal chillers, located in basement
Design Parameters of Chiller Chiller inlet temperature is 13.3°and outlet is 6.7°
AHU rooms per floor 4 No. each floor each block with double skinned AHU & VFDs integrated. BTU meters provided with AHU
BMS system HVAC integrated with BMS system
Power source 2 sources (one from Electric Grid & one from DG set)
DG rating and configuration 11 No. 2250 kVA, 11 kV, water cooled type
Power for internal consumption 0.005 kVA per sft of Leasable Area. HVAC power is separate
Type of power distribution till floor level Through dual rising mains
Fire pump room location Basement-1Fire exits per Block
Fire exits per Block 5
Stair case width 2mt.
Sprinkler arrangement Single layer of upright sprinkler
FA & PA system for common area Provided Integration of tenant fire panel allowed building fire panel
Security Services CCTV manning for all common areas like basement parking, lift lobbies, building periphery. Access control to basements through boom barriers Manual security through security guards for 24 hours in building and periphery
Sewage treatment disposal Centralized STP in basement using MBR method
Water Pressure available at floor level 1.5 Bar
  • Food court & amenities on the ground floor.
  • Atrium cafes, convenience stores, gymnasium, banks, ATMs etc.
  • Roof terraces with conferencing & banquet opportunities.
  • Dedicated pick up & drop points for cabs.
  • Landscaped outdoor spaces & water bodies.

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