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Urban Stampede is brought to you by Runners for Life, which is among India’s oldest running communities. Regarded with great respect among the running community, Runners for Life (RFL) also has the distinction of being the organisers of the first trail race (Kaveri Trail Marathon) and the first ultramarathon (Bangalore Ultra) in India.

Fresh off the success of these two events in 2007, when all runners hugely appreciated the ‘by the runners, for the runners’ flavor of the races, Runners for Life decided to put forth an offering for new runners. Thus, the 5km x 4 people format of the corporate relay race, Urban Stampede was born.

Well into its 9th edition now, Urban Stampede returns to Delhi. The race experience here has always been to welcome a new racing season with the Urban Stampede, and during the year, mile up, and aim to participate in longer distance events through the year. The race has grown year on year from having 500 runners in the first edition to more than 12,000 runners across 7 cities last year, making it India’s only national running property.

In partnering with DLF as venue partners for this year’s Delhi edition, the aim is to ensure an enjoyable run in a safe space for new and experienced runners, alike. The venue host, DLF is ensuring that the race route is well marked, well-lit, beautiful to the eye, and gives the runners a real urban treat.

What makes the race even more exciting is the training that participants get. In preparation for the Urban Stampede in Delhi on 5th March, two challenges were carried out:

Fitness & Yoga challenge: to help runners get acclimated to general fitness that would help them run, and runner specific Yoga asanas to help them with pre-race warm ups and post-race limber down.

Relay challenge: to experience the relay mechanics real-time, this preparatory event mimicked the actual four people relay, and participants could practice the transition sequence.

With participations numbers being in high triple digits, clearly running and wellness is something everyone is looking for in their lives.

With each year, Urban Stampede is moving closer to its goal of getting corporate India up and running, and get closer to meeting their fitness milestones – touching a billion lives.


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