• Propositions

Landscape and Cyberwalk

Cybercity is all set to witness an extensive infrastructural facelift that will add to its international recognition. DLF is constructing multiple foot over bridges named as ‘Cyberwalk’ along a 1 km stretch, to augment intermodal connectivity.

Special Features

  • Only landscaped foot over bridges in Asia, with live plantations, water bodies and seating areas.
  • Each of them has a unique aesthetically appealing persona which is reflected in its structural shape, colours of the floor and plantation, and the trellis designs.
  • Each of the Cyberwalks is equipped with anti-skid and tactile floors, CCTV cameras, elevators, ramps and escalators, to add safety, security and comfort to the lives of Cybercity workforce and visitors alike


  • Inculcate the habit of walking among the desk-bound working professionals.
  • Discourage commuters from crossing roads that have vehicular traffic movement.
  • Minimize vehicular usage for commuting within Cybercity.
  • Add pleasing landscapes and greenery amidst a majorly urban area.
  • Function as an unwinding and socializing zone.
Landscape and Cyberwalk