DLF Chennai sportsHub has engagement programs include Sport Tournaments, Safety Walks, Mini Marathon, and Painting Competitions.

Where everyone is a winner

Imagine your office environment doubling up as a sporting arena Imagine a thousand people cheering you as your team plays itself to victory, and yes, it is right inside your office compound!

Nothing to imagine, at DLF Cybercity Chennai, you have a plethora of sporting and extracurricular events overtaking the mundane and routine work in offices. It is providing great relief, and generating huge excitement.

DLF's Clients Employee engagement programs include Sport Tournaments, Safety Walks, Mini Marathon, and Painting Competitions for Employee Kids, Decoration and Rangoli Competitions spread all throughout the year. DLF's Clients staff take great pleasure in taking part in the various social programs, camps and events conducted within the campus.

Over 10000 people recently watched 53 men's teams play a volleyball tournament and 21 women's team fight it out in throw ball competition. Over 800 people participated. People from 50 organizations took part in the competitions. It was something else!

These tournaments and events are part of DLF's vision to give its clients a great environment and a balanced ecosystem at their workplace adding to the vibrancy and life of the Corporate Park.

There are volleyball, badminton and basketball courts. You can play gully cricket. There is a specially earmarked area for health and fitness. You can throw ball. You can be engaged in some serious sports over here.

Companies can also book this space for special events, birthdays and anniversaries, camps, competitions, annual day celebrations you name it, and you are beginning to see it, out there on the ground.

The sports and events area can be booked for intra company engagements in advance. There is of course, an annual calendar of tournaments already, which is exciting, to say the least.

The future of a smart office campus is one that make employees bond with each other through sports and engaging events thereby making work life more people friendly. To make a difference, differently.

This is DLF Cybercity Chennai.

Here everyone is a winner!