Weekdays are so wonderful

What if going to work on Monday means that you have a chance to walk around landscaped gardens? What if you felt like jogging, or having a quiet 15 minutes by yourself in the open air during lunch time? What if you see flowerbeds, islands of green grass, a beautifully themed outdoor and your officemates playing volley ball as you look out of your window even while dealing with a busy afternoon?

How would any day of the working week feel for you, if in addition to the normal steel and concrete, and the slick marble floors, you can also enjoy the outdoors, in formal as well as informal ways?

Welcome to a new era of corporate and business living. At DLF we are not only concerned with providing state-of-the-art, cutting edge infrastructure for business to flourish butalsooffer people with an environment which is holistic, which is caring to the occupant's well-being, which gives people a chance to commune with themselves, with others and with nature.

DLF Cybercity Chennai takes pride in leading the way with a huge leap in modern infrastructure development. At this SEZ campus, about 25 per cent, which is nearly 12 acres of land, emits fresh oxygen, sparkles with every colour of the rainbow, and breathes life into the Cybercity. It is a wonderful balance of glass and steel, and flowers and green.

The inhabitants of this smart campus can look forward every day to having a clean, beautiful, breathing landscape right in the middle of their office environment. It is their space, their place of solitude as well as bonding, breaks and de-stressing.

Aptly named the OXYZone, DLF Cybercity Chennai beautiful focal point is four acres of landscape zone. Here a variety of flowering shrubs, green lawns, walking and jogging tracks, clustered benches and break out areas makes a welcome sight for sore eyes and tired minds. This is the arena for rejuvenation, for recreation and for renewal.

Welcome to a new language of corporate living!

At DLF Cybercity Chennai green is in, nature is in, employee happiness is in, and it is visible.

A working day is a happy day!

Weekdays are good! Weekdays are welcome! Weekdays are so wonderful!